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New Construction Home/Warranty Inspections

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It is just as important to have a new home inspected as it is to have an older home inspected. We have inspected new homes where the foundation, wiring, plumbing, framing, grading, and many other items were constructed improperly. Having repairs completed before moving into a new home is a far better alternative than having your life disrupted by repairs after just settling in.

Owners of new homes may also not be aware that your new home comes with a builder’s warranty. This warranty often covers the cost of repair for any defects found in the home during the first year after closing. Even if the home was inspected prior to purchase, it is a good idea to have the home inspected again before the warranty expires. Many problems don’t surface until the home is actually lived in and the main components are exposed to normal wear and tear. Save money, and let the builder pay for the repairs. This is your last chance to identify, document, and inform your builder of items that need to be repaired.

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